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What Our Patients Say


What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Casabona Chiropractic, P.C. Tucson patient testimonials below and please email me orcontact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health
Dr. Richard Casabona

Great Improvement

Thank you! Everyone was professional and compassionate! I now have hopes for great back improvements and superb health. -LM Tucson Az.

Professional and Supportive

Everyone was professional and supportive. I am very confident that my back problem will be solved and I will be repaired back to my original condition! Looking forward to my upcoming treatment and getting stronger during the coming months! -LM

I experienced almost total pain relief after two visits. Dr. Casabona and all of the staff were very professional. I was disappointed that the only insurance accepted is Medicare. Great for Medicare patients. – RD Tucson AZ

Dr Casabona Always Has Your Best Interest in Mind

Staff friendly and knowledgable, Dr Casabona always has your best interest in mind. He see’s patients just as it should be, individuals, game plan for everyone according to their needs not same fix for everyone. I would highly recommend Dr Richard Casabona Chiropractic. – HF Tucson Az.

His Service is an Integral Part of My Physical Well Being and Overall Health

I am a 66 year old male and have been visiting Dr. Casabona’s clinic for over a year. I believe that his service is an integral part of my physical well being and overall health. The adjustments to my spine have been most important in all… – BB Marana Az.

My tooth no longer hurts and my headache is gone. I am always so pleased. – SC Tucson Az.

Dr. C is Great, the Staff is Knowledgeable, Friendly and Professional

Awesome experience. Dr. C is great, the staff is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I really liked that exercises are taught and encouraged so that healing becomes permanent. – Anonymous

The entire staff was very efficient and friendly, and Dr. Casabona is a sincerely chiropractor. – Anonymous

Everyone is always professional and courteous. Dr. Casabona is very knowledgeable about the human body and his profession. – AN Tucson Az.

A Great Visit

Dr Casabona does a fine job. I am not sure that i like the new check in service. I could not provide any new information. Otherwise it was a great visit. – JM Tucson Az.

Great as usual. That always what keeps me coming back. – JD Oro Valley


Always Treat Me Like a Family Member

Dr. Casabona and staff always treat me like a family member. They are professional, courteous, friendly and always available. I was surprised by the digital set-up when I came in for my last visit, but could see the advantages for all concerned. I appreciated the help with working me through it. – JM

His Expertise in Chiropractic Care Results in a Much Healthier Body

We are privileged to have Dr. Casabona in our city. His expertise in Chiropractic care results in a much healthier body. Having lived in other areas of the country and seeking Chiropractic care without satisfactory results, I appreciate the amazing results achieved under Dr. Casabona’s care. – FL

Fixed My Pinched Nerve

Great office staff! Allways professional, cheerfull and allmost no waiting! DR. Casabona was the only dr. of the five I went too, after 10 years of going elsewhere, that fixed my pinched nerve in my right hip. Only complaint is that I wish I could stay longer at each visit! Great atmosphere! Thanks to the Casabona Crew! God Bless – JP

His Adjustments Have Had a Huge Positive Effect on My Health

Friendly, courteous staff, very pleasant environment (no obnoxious music). Dr. Casabona really knows his business. His adjustments have had a huge positive effect on my health over the years. I would hate to think what my health might be like without his adjustments. – Anonymous

Now Am a Believer in the Benefit of Chiropractic Service

I am a 66 year old active male who has become a regular visitor (every 3 weeks) to Dr. Casabona’s clinic for chiropractic adjustment. I was not, but now am a believer in the benefit of chiropractic service as a result of my interaction with Dr. Casabona and his staff. I believe that my overall better than average health is directly attributable to his skill and service to my body. If medical doctors and nurses use his service, why wouldn’t I? – BB

Every time I go in with soreness and pain it goes away after my visit! – CR

Continues to Earn His Practice Top Honors

Having been a patient of Dr. Casabona’s for 12-13 years, my overall experience continues to earn his practice top honors. He knows my “body” extremely well, far better than any other physician. How I wish other doctors understood my needs… – PM

I rely on the Doctor more than my family Doctor. He is always teaching and will answer your questions. I feel he is more than my Doctor he is my friend. – GC

Great Improvements in My Problem Areas

I have been very happy with the results I have experienced from Dr. Casabonas treatments. There have been great improvements in my problem areas. Thank you Dr. Casabona! – KF

I am Glad I Made the Switch

I have scoliosis, for which I was referred to Dr. Casabona back in 2006. Since there was a Chiropractor closer to my home I decided to visit him. For a few years I went to him until it was obvious that I needed to see Dr. Casabona who specializes on scoliosis. I am glad I made the switch. – AV

Words can not describe but feelings are great! – TC

Minimize My Sciatic

The treatments i have received at Casabona Chiropractic has help to minimize my sciatic that on most days. I have none and others a one on the pain chart. I believe I eliminated the need for surgery. The general maintenance as kept me in good health also. – JM

Successful in Treating any Problem

I am very familiar with chiropractic care. Dr.Casabona has extremely successful in treating any problem. I will continue to use his care as needed.

They Come Up with the Best Treatment Possible

Dr. Casabona and his staff are THE BEST! They truly care about my care. They take x-rays to provide them the best info on how to treat their patients. Then they come up with the best treatment possible. I look forward to my visits and feel ever so much better. We have been to a number of chiropractors. Dr. C and his staff are THE BEST! – BM

Friendly and Professional

“Very friendly, helpful and professional atmosphere. I felt that my interests and needs were being met. Thank you! This kind of care is a rare gem to find.” – BR

Pain Free!

“Because of Dr. Casabona I now lead a pain free life – able to give up all the pain medications and other treatments that only ‘managed’ my pain.” – JS

Great Results

“Great results, Personable, High Integrity” – JT

Keeps Me Walking

I am very grateful to those who help me in this season of my life. One of those people is my Chiropractor Dr. Casabona of Tucson AZ. He is a man of integrity and strong values. He helps keeps me walking and doing so with little pain. I quite often pull a rib or my pelvis out so I go to him at least once a month to keep things in place. My advice to you is to visit a Chiropractor near you to help keep your body in alignment. Try Dr. Casabona if you live here in the Tucson area. – BLC

Exceptional Help

My Neck pain unable to turn my neck and a strong stiffness until Dr. Casabona helped me. I have an appointment Monday morning at 9 a.m. (or a massage and an adjustment. I do have some discomfort today and probably should have gone into the office this morning. – NB

Feeding Those In Need

I Appreciate Dr. Casabona’s community involvement by collecting food for those less privileged than us. I also appreciate the warm-up massage. – JF

Exceptional Adjustment

I like the way Dr Casabona adjusts me, it’s exceptional. – NJ, Oro Valley

Couldn’t Turn Neck

Neck pain – unable to turn my neck and a strong stiffness until Dr. Casabona helped me. I have an appointment Monday morning at 9 a.m. for a massage and an adjustment. I do have some discomfort today and probably should have gone into the office this morning. – J

I Feel Better!

Dr. Casabona teaches while he works on us. I learn something every time I’m there. I also feel better when I leave than I did when I walked in even though I’m on maintenance. – JI

Herniated Disc

I was in pain with a herniated disc. Tried all Medical applications, nothing worked. Went to Dr. Casabona now I can handle the two grandchildren. – JS

Great Job

The Doc and his staff do a real good Job. I am so glad I found Dr. Casabona. – J

Very Gentle

If you want drug free, non-surgical optimum health and body function, this is definitely the place you need to go. Dr. Casabona’s treatment is specific to your “body” and “brain”. (Yes, I said brain!) Very gentle manipulations, painless and relaxing spinal decompression, and very educational.He has a fantastic staff that truly cares about you. I love them all! The office has a wonderful relaxing and family type atmosphere.Dr. Casabona and his staff are the best. Invest in your health. It’s one of the best things anyone can do for themselves, a family member or friend–adult, child or baby! !It’s definitely one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I’ve been with Dr. Casabona 5 or6 years and plan on continuing with his care for the rest of my life. – MM

Feeling Great!!

Several years ago I met and was treated by Dr. Cassabona. At that time I had three appointments each week. I had to be driven by others. At home I could not raise the blinds, cook a meal, sit up for 10 minutes and a long list of other “not-dos”. Several years later I still see the doctor, but once every 3 weeks, I drive myself and a friend to our appointments. In addition I do circuit training, weight training, water aerobics, and remain quite active. Thank you Dr. Casabona! – AO

Great help during pregnancy!

I have been blessed to have the ability to get treated by Dr. Casabona several times a week since the beginning of my pregnancy and I can say that th is has truly helped me. Unlike many other women, I did not experience any morning sickness and have great faith that my labor and delivery process will be much smoother than most due to being adjusted throughout the entire 9months. I look forward to having him treat my newborn so that she may have the best chance at a healthy life right from the start. Dr. Casabona and his staff are a great team! – AO

Great Job

As a physician, I know how frustrating chronic neck and back problems can be to treat; I have been seeing Dr Casabona for a number of years and he gets me out of pain quicker than anything else I’ve tried. – V

There To Help!

When I started with Dr. Casabona I was having problems with dizziness and pain in my neck. I couldn’t turn my neck from side to side very well. Now I don’t have those problems. But those problems will return if you don’t continue to see him on a regular time frame. It’s really important that you do as he says sometimes even the rest of your life because it can come back. The Dr. also treats me for my heart, hernia or whatever I needed at the time. ~ Anonymous

Dear Dr. Casabona:

Your care has been simply fantastic throughout the time I lived in Tucson. The fact that one of your educated interests was scoliosis widened your expertise where very few chiropractors have gone. The fact that you constantly update your information is absolutely outstanding. I think you are too modest in your advertising material. – NW

Find out if chiropractic care is right for you. Call our Tucson chiropractic office today to schedule your appointment.

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Dr. Casabona and his staff are excellent. I think they are the best in Tucson. They have helped me so much more than a couple times with issues of pain the natural way. I refer everyone I know to him that has back pain.

- Cheryl Abraham / Tucson, AZ

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Casabona Chiropractic
7562 La Cholla Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85741
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