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Top 10 Reasons Patients Choose Tucson Chiropractic

1. Friendly Dr. & Staff-compassionate, good listeners.

2. Dr. Casabona is very knowledgeable-emphasis in scoliosis, disc injuries, posture correction, neurological based chiropractic.

3. Individualized care- different treatment plans for each patient with affordable payment plans and no contracts!

4. Decompression-gentle stretching table that has helped many with disc injuries, stenosis & disc degeneration.

5. Exercise, physiotherapy, stretching, and massage.

6. Warm up exercises- no adjustment on a cold spine.

7. Before/After X-ray- X-rays may be retaken to monitor improvement.

8. Instrument adjustment-you don’t have to have your neck/spine cracked or popped if you don’t want to.

9. Extremity adjustment- knees, shoulder, jaw, wrist.

10. Nutrition-proper nutrition to support healing.

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